$ 1 75. Hand sanitizer, bottled and ready to go. Bottling hand and surface sanitizer at Wicked Dolphin Rum Distillery. 1 rumble. Hand & Surface Sanitizer. … WFTX Published July 30, 2020 5 Views. Subscribe 291 Share. © 2020 Wicked Dolphin Powered by Shopify No kidding :) 22s. Embed Share. On Wednesday, the family-owned business began producing hand sanitizer and giving it away for free to anyone bringing in their own bottles. Eta impacts Guatemala. Subscribe 45 Share. Wicked Dolphin hand sanitizer giveaway. To help ensure health care workers, first responders and the community have access to Embed Share. Rumble — On Saturday, Wicked Dolphin Rum is planning a community giveaway with thousands of free sanitizer to people in need. WFTX Published May 3, 2020 14 Views. Sign in and be the first to comment ... and disable advertisements! Description Wicked Dolphin - W.H.O Formula #1 - Hand Sanitizer 80% Alcohol Ingrediants • Ethanol • Glycerol • Hydrogen Peroxide 0 COMMENTS. Word of … Rumble — The Wicked Dolphin Distillery partnered with Florida Crystals Corporation and Fort Myers Brewery to donate sanitizers to first responders, hospitals, nursing homes, food banks, animal shelters, and members of the community Saturday morning. 1 rumble. “We have taken the wash as far as we can through the process in our facility, (and) we transported it over to Wicked Dolphin so they can work their magic to turn it into the final product,” said Rob Whyte, co-founder of Fort Myers Brewing with his wife, Jen. CAPE CORAL, Fla. — They've made their name in the community as a craft distillery since 2011. While Wicked Dolphin and Fort Myers Brewing Company have been working together for a few weeks to double their creation of hand sanitizer and donating it to local medical facilities, first responders and at their distillery, sugar giant Florida Crystals recently got involved and donated a generous 42,500-pounds of sugar, which is used in the wash to create the sanitizer.