So my question is what is the best Sharpening System, Electric or Manual, I like the idea of the WS Ken Onion, and heard Benchmade use them. I will say there is a little bit of an art to it. Touch ups on blades sharpened on this tool takes 1-2 min. By removing the Sharpening Guide and rotating the cassette forward, the Work Sharp can be converted to grinding mode for sharpening lawnmower blades, axes, and other large blades. Thread starter jrgold; Start date Dec 19, 2017; jrgold Tracker. There is a Tool Grinding Attachment that allows for both flat platen and slack belt grinding, and can be used as a power file or handheld belt sander for working with metal, wood, and plastics. Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition WSKTS-KO Sharpener comes with five distinct types of abrasive belts, each one suited for a different blade. The WSKTS-KO can also be used to sharpen scissors using the built-in scissor guide. This post contains affiliate links. Release the Power Switch and stop the pull when the tip of the blade reaches the center of the belt to avoid rounding the tip. After much reservation I finally decided to give a Work Sharp a try. Just wondering what is the best way to sharpen my knives, I have used a KME and didn't love it, not sure if its because I didn't know how to use it but it took me an hour or so to get an edge on harder steels, I'm a bit of a steel nut so I have a range of different steels from S110V, S90V, S30V, 3V, 20CV, ZDP-189, D2, Elmax, CTS-XHP, CTS-204P and heaps of others and I'm sick of my current sharpening method of pay someone or buy a new knife, I'll mostly be sharpening my EDC blades so folders, and smaller fixed blades, although during hunting season I'll also be sharpening my hunting fixed blades and also my larger camp fixed blades and kitchen knives. Thanks for the great review, I never would have considered buying a product like this before reading this. The Work Sharp works so quickly it is amazing, especially when you are accustomed to doing everything by hand. Gut hooks can be sharpened by placing the curve of the hook over the Extra-Fine belt on the “downhill” side and honing for two to four seconds on each side. (You must log in or sign up to reply here. I have the Ken Onion work sharp (the difference is the belts, it has a different angle system and the motor is bigger and you can vary the speed). My blade work isn't so fine as to require a perfect Scandi grind. Filed Under: Made in the USA, Misc. After you sharpen everything in your house, you’ll be asking your friends to bring over their knives as it’s that enjoyable to use…for me anyway. Best High Value Knives. Thank you very much. I strop for touch ups. Once you have shaped the secondary bevel, you can progress with finer grit belts using alternating strokes. One thing I have not mentioned is the benefit of the convex edge. I bought this primarily for hunting and fishing knives and I … I already have a bench grinder, so will I be able to get a good edge with some wheels, if so what wheels?, what about the Tormek or should I look at systems like the Wicked Edge and KME? Squeeze the Power Switch and simultaneously pull the blade through the guide at a rate of one inch per second, following the curve of the blade and keeping the edge perpendicular to the belt. It’s kind of like sticking your blade inside a garbage disposal. I have a lot of knives of different grinds. The Angle Adjustment Knob is marked from 15 degrees to 30 degrees in 1-degree increments, offering a wide range of angle selections. I tested a number of different blades out on the WSKTS-KO. Anyone who knows me knows I am passionate about keeping my blades sharp. The slack in the belt helps follow the curve, and you have to move the knife as well to follow the line of the edge. Basically, there is slack in the belt that allows for the curve. The Work Sharp is really a miniature grinder with the added benefit of an angle guide, and this makes all the difference. Once the angle is set and the desired belt installed, you are ready to begin sharpening. > Discussion Area > Q-talk: Work Sharp Not Ken Onion … I’ll try to answer this although I am sure Chad can provide an answer. Ken Onion Work Sharp Even though I own a KMG, I have a KO Edition Work Sharp that I absolutely love. I want to confirm that this system does take some time with it to perfect. I understand that this system takes time to learn but am considering buying it. Silly question, Are you using diamond stones? Best Tactical Knives A couple of members have the Work Sharp (Ken Onion Edition), which I am very seriously leaning toward, and I was hoping I could see some more of it after seeing the pics in this thread about the Wicked Edge System. Chad is the author of "Solving the Enigma: Insights into Fighting Models" and has contributed to several books on knife fighting. Dec 19, 2017 #1 So I use the worksharp Ken onion to sharpen my knives (excluding my scandis). The reasonable price tag makes this system even harder to pass up. Follow his instructions and you’ll be good to go. It has been my personal experience that a convex edge lasts longer and cuts cleaner than a flat-ground edge. I chose to go with the Ken Onion Edition because of the additional features and attachment options not found on the standard model. I recommend purchasing the Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition at Amazon or BladeHQ. Although I don’t own one, I suppose the same would apply to a knife with recurve. I’m unclear as to how the Work Sharp would be used to sharpen the curved belly of a knife. I was quite impressed with the WSKTS-KO, albeit to my surprise. I have a tri stone (lansky probably) that works good for some things.