Which character was the worst character in each respective series and try to justify why they are the worst. The 10 Best Duels In The Series. share. Featuring over 2800 cards, this game quite literally picks up the pace with Turbo Duels(imagine your character dueling on motorbikes). Starting us off is the latest addition to the series, Vrains. Vrains. save. Check out our top pick. report. Shows Ranked Worst to Best! The best To Worst Yugioh Series of 2020 - Beginner's Guide. The insect series is not the most practical of card series and can honestly be skipped over, especially these days. Sort by. This list will detail the 10 worst booster pack sets in Yugioh, almost all of them are a complete waste of money and space. hide. If you haven't watched all of the Yu-Gi-Oh series just answer the ones that you've seen. At most, you're going to end up with a monster with 3000 attack points, and at least, its attack points aren't going to change. Yu-Gi-Oh! You can also include characters from season 0. 10/10 . Trading Card Game- Yugioh Legendary Dragon Decks Box . Vrains has ended i wanted to see where it stacked up with the other shows so here is my ranking of all 6 Yu-Gi-Oh! 90% Upvoted. We researched and found the easiest for beginners. This is all my own opinion and may contain some biased thoughts and a lot of nostalgia. I think it's definitely fair to say that all of them suffered from wasted potential, from lil Yugi to the entire main casts of GX and 5Ds to Zarc to most of VRAINS' subplots. Now that Yu-Gi-Oh! 11/25/2019. ... Only the Barrier Statue series could be considered half-decent cards from this set, with the inclusion of a few different LV archetypes taking up valuable space. Home; Best Reviews; To Worst Yugioh Series; BEST . 71 comments. Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s, the franchise’s spin-off after GX. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Best 10 To Worst Yugioh Series tested by reviewers. The restriction of having to use this card on a monster with 500 attack points or less makes it a pretty awful card. (SPOILERS) 6. Even Pokémon level up faster than this guy. 14 Expensive: Gold Sarcophagus ($1372 - $2200) Another limited edition, this card is somehow even rarer than others I have mentioned so far. This thread is archived. Stardust Accelerator continues the series on the Nintendo DS, this time featuring the cast of Yu-Gi-Oh! anime shows.