Being layered and not solid wood I don’t think they contribute an awful lot to the sound of this guitar, perhaps some very subtle interaction but really it is the solid spruce top along with the general design of the guitar that does most of the work. You can leave your more expensive guitars at home and the low price means you won’t be too upset if the guitar gets a few knocks. Setting up the action on your guitar is always the beginning of the exciting world of guitar repair and maintenance. In order to measure the height of your guitar’s strings, you should have either a ruler, a feeler gauge, or a specialized string action gauge. Who this Guitar is Most Suited to Compared with when I started out over 40 years ago things have moved on leaps and bounds in terms of both quality and price of instruments available. In other words, the action of the guitar will determine how much pressure you’re gonna use to press on the strings. The FG800 is a guitar that’s popular all around the world, because of the full sized features that are more commonly found in expensive guitars. The FG800M has a very smooth warm, woody tone to it and I must admit it sounds far more expensive than it is. This height is adjusted lower by filing the string slots deeper with a special file. So how do you stand out from the pack? Although I had briefly played some of the more expensive FG series before, I had never tried the FG800 and I had trouble equating it’s low price with how good it looked and how well it played. How to choose your string height Guitar Action at the 12th Fret of an Epiphone 339 Electric. It looks great in a very subtle sort of way and more importantly it sounds great too. Yamaha are well known for producing high quality instruments at affordable prices and so into that sea of lower priced acoustics comes the Yamaha FG800M. Recheck and readjust as necessary. Yamaha FG800 Folk Acoustic Guitar: Best Value: Might be a low-priced guitar, but it certainly plays like a far more expensive model and looks great too. This Yamaha FG800 is an upgrade of the entry-level Yamaha FG700, and it’s one of the newest installations in the whole FG series of Yamaha acoustic guitars. 1)  Check approximate string height of strings in order to evaluate the action before starting adjustments. Today you can purchase a budget instrument and be fairly sure it will be well made, with decent quality materials and will sound pretty good too. Slight concerns about the finish of the neck aside I would definitely buy one of these guitars myself. Yamaha Acoustic Guitars String Height and Truss Rod Adjustments - Yamaha - United States, 1st String: 2.0mm / .07874 inches (5/64th), 6th String: 2.8mm / .11024 inches (7/64th), 1st String: 1.8mm / .07087 inches (4/64th), 6th String: 2.6mm / .10236 inches (6/64th). If I had to describe the sound in one word I would say “warm”. The trussrod is NOT used to specifically lower the action but to adjust the necks straightness. I have to say I was quite surprised when the FG800M arrived. The rosewood fretboard had a nice smooth feel to it and the frets were well finished. Kekse ohne Krümel: Staubsaugervertreter hassen diesen Trick Mit unseren Cookies möchten wir Ihnen ein fluffiges Einkaufserlebnis mit allem was dazugehört bieten. It was smooth on each side but not properly finished down the middle. Damage caused by inexperienced consumers is not covered by the Yamaha warranty. Ultimate Control and Versatility for Classroom Educators. That’s a pretty decent spec for the price, which at the time of this review was under £200/€234/$263. The action of the guitar is simply how high the strings are above the 12th fret. b) If the clearance is too great, loosen the strings and then tighten the truss rod by turning clockwise  1/8 of a turn. To stand out is not easy but Yamaha have hit winner in the FG800M. At the same time you won’t sound like you are playing a cheap guitar. All in all though the guitar is well made and it looks and sounds great. This is on the high side. Yamaha, a leading manufacturer of guitars, has, over the years, continually and … The bridge saddle is lowered by removing material from the bottom side of the saddle thus allowing it to sit lower in the bridge slot. There is another version of this guitar simply called the FG800 which has a slightly more refined finish but you will pay an extra £50/€58/$65 for it. 1) Check approximate string height of strings in order to evaluate the action before starting adjustments. It sports a Dreadnought body type, and it boasts a bigger, solid top that’s well spruced … The matt finish is not for everyone of course but I prefer it. d) If the adjustments are having no effect, then cease this procedure and take guitar to aqualified repairman. For more info visit: As I mentioned at the start of this review it is a very crowded market at the budget end of acoustic guitars. I must emphasise that I can only comment on the guitar I had in my hands and I would not expect this to be something many people buying a FG800M guitar would experience. The combination of sound, looks and price are hard to ignore. So if you are just starting out on acoustic guitar and looking for something at the budget end that is made from quality materials, is easy to play, looks and sounds great, the Yamaha FG800M has to be on your “must try” list. Technically speaking, the action of a guitar is the distance between the string and the frets. I would also recommend this guitar to more experienced players. NOTE: If the neck is not responsive to truss adjustments, tune to pitch and let it sit overnight in a warm suitably humid environment to see if the neck will move over time. Yamaha have really done an incredible job here. Looking around the guitar it seemed to be very well put together. To check this place a capo on the first fret and while pressing down on the string at the 15th fret, check for approximately .010  clearance at the 8th fret. All measurements to be done at the 12 th fret of the guitar between the bottom of … Yamaha FG800 Folk Acoustic Guitar: Best Value: Might be a low-priced guitar, but it certainly plays like a far more expensive model and looks great too. Action on a guitar is often described by most guitarist as its “playability”. The Yamaha FG800 has a dreadnought size, 41 inches, that means a standard size. Yamaha Drums Innovation Tour to Share Drum-Building Philosophy, Offer Hands-On Demos with Top Artists, NAMM 2019 – Dexibell New S3 & S7 Keyboards Unlimited Polyphony & 24 bit audio, Sam Swift named winner of Yamaha’s #FUTUREBEAT ’17, Bushmills Irish Whiskey, Lowden Guitars and Musician Foy Vance Join Forces, NAMM 2018: VOX Giulietta VGA-3PS And Giulietta VGA-3D Archtop Acoustic Electric Guitars, RIVAGE PM7 Investment Continues AED Rent’s Success With Yamaha, Yamaha Introduces New Line of Wireless Headphones, TC Electronic Announces Ditto Jam X2 Looper Pedal, Yamaha MLC-200 Music Lab. Jason Hook “M-4” Explorer Outfit. If the truss rod breaks it is a major repair and expensive to fix. These measurements are approximations not specific dimensions. CAUTION: If the truss rod is extremely tight and will not move in either direction stop adjustment procedure and consult a professional luthier. A good quality “budget” guitar would be more accurate. In many ways there has never been a better time to get into the art of making music. 2) Check string height at the nut by using a feeler gauge between the bottom of the string and the top of the first fret, it should be .022 +/- .002 for acoustic guitars as a starting point. Yamaha Update The CP73 and CP88 OS to v1.3 NAMM 2020, Trio of Yamaha RIVAGE Systems Rock Pukkelpop, NAMM 2019 – Lee Ritenour, Dave Weckl and Ellis Hall to Headline Yamaha Booth, Win a new Ltd. Ed. This is not exceptional, the dovetail and smooth body, to FG800. Damage caused by inexperienced consumers is not covered by the Yamaha warranty. 3) Check curvature of neck to determine if truss rod needs adjustment. Meanwhile, the total length of the Yamaha FS800 is three-quarter of an inch less than the FG800, 40.18 inches. ripping off customers – Insurance Scam? The lower the action (e.g. Unlike the FG800, whose sides and back are made of the inexpensive nato laminate, the FG830 features rosewood back and sides. 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